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Chitosan 14.75 €

Antibiotic action against pests and pathogens. Animal origin (shellfish)

Chitosano VEG (vegetale) 18.85 €

Antibiotic action against pests and pathogens. Vegetal origin (fungi)

Willow bark

Eliciter of crops self-defense mechanisms with fungicidal action

Equisetum arvense

It opposes the active penetration of fungal pathogens

Nettle extract

Insecticide, acaricide, fungicide action.


Elicitor, having an effect via the stimulation of natural defence mechanisms

Calcium Hydroxide 6.56 €

Fungicide for arboriculture, especially for apple, pear and plum cancer (Nectria Galligena).

Soy Lecithin 40.98 €

Preventive and fungistatic against pathogenic fungi

Sunflower Oil 4.10 €

Fungistatic action

Hydrogen peroxide 2.87 €

Bactericidal, sporicide, virucide action

Mustard pellets 12.30 €

Fungicide for seeds treatment

Whey Milk

Fungicide, Fertilizer and Soil corrector

Sodium Bicarbonate 24.59 €

Fungicide action


Insecticidal and fungicidal action

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