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BriX 8.20 €

Solution of mono / polysaccharides and algae

Fitoregolatore-Fengib 36.36 €

Flowering and planting indenter phytoregulator

Fitoregolatore-Fitop80 27.27 €

Plant regulator with polyvalent action

Frugon TF 22.73 €

Fitoregolatore a base di auxinosimile sintetico

HP 400

Fisio-activator for improving crop productivity and quality

Ormone AG compresse (Giberelline) 18.18 €

Plant growth regulator for the qualitative / quantitative improvement of the productions

Romulan 90.91 €

Regolatore di crescita per pomacee, drupacee e vite

Sitofex 227.27 €

Regolatore di crescita per kiwi e uva da tavola

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