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The Ebic (European biostimulants industry council) has thought to give a precise definition of the biostimulants, "Biostimulants contain substances or microorganisms whose function, when applied on the plant or on the rhizosphere, is to stimulate the natural processes to increase or improve the nutrient absorption, abiotic stress tolerance and crop quality ".

Biostimulants or even Physioactivators are therefore substances, tendentially extracted from plants, or microorganisms that are used in agriculture and that act on the natural physiological processes of the plant, helping it to 'do better'. What they do not do is substitute for fertilizers or crop protection products. In fact, biostimulants do not bring nutrients, but rather help the plant organism to better absorb those present in the soil.

And on the other hand they do not counteract the aggressions of pathogens or phytophagous insects. They help the plant to resist better, as they have three specific functions:

  • Help the plant to resist abiotic stress, such as heat, cold or water scarcity.
  • Increase efficiency in nutrient absorption.
  • Improve the quality of the crop.