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Belpromec 13.64 €

Insetticida-acaricida, concentrato emulsionabile ad azione translaminare

Diablo SC

Acaricide ovo-larvicida for the fight against phytophagous mites

Envidor 240 SC 77.27 €

Insecticidal-acaricida ovolarvicida, adulticida

Enviromite FL

Acaricida per impiego in pieno campo ed in serra

Kanemite 77.27 €

Acaricide for fruit trees, hazel, tomato, aubergine, floral and ornamental

Matacar FL 40.91 €

Ovarian-larvicidal acaricide for the control of mites

Naturalis 43.64 €

Insecticide / acaricide based on Beauveria bassiana

Ovipron Top

Olio minerale paraffinico ad azione insetticida e acaricida

Perfil 10 WP 27.27 €

Acaricida in polvere bagnabile


Olio minerale paraffinico insetticida e acaricida

Rufast E-Flo

Insecticide-pyrethroid acaricide, thrips, leafhoppers, mites

Vasco 13.64 €

Acaricidal insecticides with translaminar action in emulsifiable concentrate


Olio minerale paraffinico ad azione insetticida e acaricida

Zetor 15.45 €

Insetticida-acaricida ad azione translaminare, efficace per ingestione e contatto diretto

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