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Imenottero parassitoide della cocciniglia rosso forte degli agrumi

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Aphytis melinus is a parasitoid hymenoptera of Aonidiella aurantii , the strong red cochineal of citrus fruits, able to successfully settle with inoculative launches in citrus groves.

The adults , yellowish and long just under 1mm., Are characterized by a good mobility. The female inserts the egg inside the scudetto depositing it on the victim's body, after having paralyzed it. Even the host-feeding action is significant: a large part of cochineals are directly killed with the ovipositor to obtain nourishment from the fluids that come out of the wound caused.

The larval cycle is performed within the cochineal shield. The larvae , after hatching, begin to feed on the host's body from the outside. The period of development from egg to adult lasts about 12 days, at the end of which the whole body of the cochineal is consumed. When the parasitoid reaches the pupal stage and then flickers there are only residues of the host and the typical traces of faecal activity of the parasitoid.

The distribution of this parasitoid, at the adult stage, takes place with several pitches programmed over several weeks from spring to autumn, with possible suspension in the period of greatest heat, for a total of 60,000-100,000 individuals per hectare.


Aphytis melinus controlla:

  • Aonidiella aurantii


La distribuzione di questo parassitoide, allo stadio di adulto, avviene con più lanci programmati nell'arco di diverse settimane dalla primavera all'autunno, con eventuale sospensione nel periodo di maggior caldo, per un totale di 60.000-100.000 individui per ettaro.