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Concime Organico Azotato N 8

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Manufacturer SKL
Formulation Pellet
Reg. number 0022757/18

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Superblend N8 is a fertilizer based on organic matter. Raw materials are dried blood and dried manure. This combination allows high-efficiency agronomic performances, rarely found in other fertilizers present on the market.

Thanks to this peculiar formulation, Nitrogen is gradually available: ready effect of dried blood and prolonged release of manure.

In this way two advantages are obtained: efficient use of Nitrogen units, losses are so reduced and crop nutritional needs are satisfied during the whole vegetative cycle.

The blood is sterilized, so it is free of any pollutants. The high percentage of free Iron, present in hemoglobin, makes this product unique and effective against various kind of ferric chlorosis and improves the vegetative appearance of the cultures on which it is applied.

Superblend N8 is one of the most efficient agronomic nitrogen fertilizers, in line with the most modern theories where produce means take care of the environment.


Organic (N) Nitrogen8% p/p
Organic carbon (C) of biological origin
33% p/p
Components: blood meal, dried manure

Allowed in Organic agriculture


CropsRadical (q/ha)
Tree crops8 - 13
Industrial crops5 - 12
Horticultural crops5 - 12
Flower crops5 - 12
Lawns and golf courses8 - 10

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