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Checkmate VMB-XL P.Ficus Dispenser

Checkmate VMB-XL dispenser is a behavior modifying biochemical product (pheromone) which functions by mating disruption. It is to be used in pest management programs for control of P.Ficus. The pheromone is contained in, and released from, a solid matrix hand applied dispenser.

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Ammesso in bio
Ammesso in bio
Manufacturer Suterra Europe Biocontrol
Formulation Secchio 1000 disp.
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500.00 €


CheckMate ® VMB-XL is a pheromone dispenser for the control by sexual confusion of Planococcus ficus (Cochineal of the vine).

This easy-to-distribute product releases the sexual pheromone of the Planococcus ficus parasite continuously throughout the vineyard, reducing the ability of adult males to find females. This interrupts the coupling cycle and serves to reduce parasite populations.

CheckMate ® VMB-XL uses Suterra's proprietary release technology and is compatible with all IPM tools. It can be used in organic production and is harmless to all other living organisms, including beneficial insects.


  • Facile da distribuire: applicare una volta per stagione
  • Compatibile con tutti gli strumenti IPM
  • Può essere utilizzato nella produzione biologica
  • Può essere utilizzato insieme a CheckMate® VMB-F
  • Compatibile con insetti utili
  • Basso rischio di esposizione dei lavoratori
  • Nessun intervallo pre-raccolta
  • Può essere conservato a temperatura ambiente


DOSE OF EMPLOYMENT: 375 diffusers / ha.


Bags of 200 Dispensers in buckets of 800

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