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Nitrato di Magnesio

Magnesio nitrato crystal
Formulation Cristallino
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Magnesium Nitrate is a fast-acting nitrogen fertilizer, in which over 90% of the nitrogen content is present in nitric form. The ability to be readily absorbed by the root systems of plants, the remarkable content in Magnesium and the very high solubility in water make it the ideal fertilizer for every type of crop in situations that require immediate supply of nourishment.

It is therefore a classic " thrust fertilizer " recommended for Drupacee, Pomaceous, Vineyard, Tomato, Horticulture, industrial crops, etc.

It also plays an important role in increasing and strengthening the cellular structure of fruits and leaves and improving the quality of production.


Total nitrogen (N) 10%
Nitrogen (N) nitrogen 10%
Magnesium oxide (MgO) soluble in water 15%


ColturaFogliare (gr/hl)Fertirrigazione (Kg/Ha)
Colture arboree300 - 50030 - 40
Colture industriali300 - 500
10 - 20
Colture ortive300 - 500
2 - 3
Colture floricole300 - 500
3 - 5
Tappeti erbosi e campi da golf300 - 500
3 - 5

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