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Cicatrizing, Activating and Attracting action

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Propolis is a natural extract containing exclusively the active fraction of Propolis (bee glue), produced by honey bees, made up of vitamins and flavonoids.

The glycol extraction preserves the characteristic properties of this natural invigorating agent, which would be partially lost with the extraction in alcohol or alcoholic solutions. It has a marked protective action against plants fungal and bacterial attacks; it acts as an effective synergist, when used in a mixture with sulfur, copper salts and endotherapeutic fungicides.

It facilitates a rapid healing of wounds due to trauma or pruning and it protects plants from the penetration of pathogens; it promotes pollination, having an effective attractive action toward bees, improves post-harvest fruit conservation and reduces Rot formation.

Propolis benefits:

  • Cicatrizing:
    it promotes the rapid healing of trauma and pruning wounds, promoting tissue regeneration and protecting the plant from the penetration of pathogens.

  • Activating action:
    the fraction of flavonoid compounds activate fundamental metabolic functions, such as cellular respiration.

  • Attractive action:
    toward bees, promoting pollination.

Applied in pre-harvest, it improves the resistance of the fruit during harvest and shelf life.



Propolis extract in glycol solution
Flavonoid content, expressed in galangin
(at the time of packaging)
25 g/l


CultureSpray applications

on its own
with agrochemicals
Tree crops
(olive trees, citrus, kiwi, stone fruit, pome fruit, grapevine)
200 - 250 g/hl
150 - 200 g/hl
Industrial and Horticultural crops
200 - 250 g/hl
150 - 200 g/hl
200 - 250 g/hl
150 - 200 g/hl

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