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It opposes the active penetration of fungal pathogens

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Manufacturer SKL
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Basic substance from SKL based on Equisetum arvense, Allowed in organic farming at the best price. Consult the doses on the label and technical sheet.


The Equisetum decoction and macerated are effective natural fungicides. The plant, genus Equisetum, of the botanical family of the Equisataceae, also called Coda Cavallina, grows spontaneously and it's widespread in our country.

This plant, so important for biological defense against cryptogamic diseases and plant parasites, contains important components like:

  • salicylic acid, 
  • silica, 
  • oxalic acid, 
  • sulfuric salts, 
  • modest content of alkaloids, 
  • flavonoids, 
  • equisetina, 
  • other mineral substances such as calcium, potassium, aluminum, magnesium and manganese.

The high content of silica (about 17% of the ashes), and the content of the others elements, makes it an excellent natural fungicide for biological defense against cryptogamic diseases such as oidium and downy mildew because it enhance the strenght of the cuticle, thickening it. This makes the penetration of the pathogens harder. At the same time, the application on the leaves has a repellent effective function for many pest insects, including aphids and mites.


Equisetum arvense


The most common preparations that can be made with sterile stems are: Equisetum macerate and Equisetum decoction. For the preparation of both the following dosage is valid: 1 kg of green plant (or 150 gr of dry plant) per 10 liters of water.

To prepare the Equisetum macerate, the desired amount of green plant must be soaked for 7-10 days. Once soaked, the Equisetum begins to ferment and produce foam. When the foam production stops the macerate is ready and can be filtered. For maceration, it is advisable to use earthenware or hard plastic containers. Avoid metals and fiberglass, also it is good to place the container in a shady place. Instead, for the preservation of the macerated we recommend the use of dark colored glass bottles. Once prepared the Equisetum macerate can be diluted in further 5 parts of water.

For the Equisetum decoction, place the desired amount of green plant in a pot with water and let it rest for 24 hours to reduce its volume. At this point the fire is lit under the pan over low heat until boiling. Once the boiling point is reached, the fire is closed, allowed to cool and filtered. Also the decoction can be diluted in further 5 parts of water.

Always use the preparation during the cool hours of the day, spraying the solution directly on the leaves. To improve the efficacy of Equisetum preparations, sodium silicate can be added. The latter is recommended as it increases the effectiveness and persistence of Equisetum on the leaf blades. Obviously sodium silicate is a product whose use is allowed in organic farming.

Another addition that can be made to improve the effectiveness of both decoction and Equisetum macerate is that of Marseille soap. In this way we will have a better adhesiveness of the solution. To protect against fungal diseases, both the macerated and the decoction can be sprayed on the plants on a fortnightly basis. If the environmental conditions tend to favor the proliferation of the pathology, for example in a period of rain alternating with strong heat, the frequency can be increased.

Finally, if used as a pesticide, Equisetum can be used, jointly or alternately, with other natural preparations such as nettle macerate, garlic infusion and tomato leaf and leaf macerate.


The product must be used alone. It is preferable to avoid mixtures with products but if necessary it is however good practice to perform a small miscibility test before use.

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