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It opposes the active penetration of fungal pathogens. Thanks to his high Silicon content, it increases leaf's cuticle, becoming stronger. Allowed in Organic farming

Equisetum arvense
For organic farming
Allowed in organic farming
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Formulation Liquido
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The equisetum decoction and macerated are effective natural fungicides. The plant, genus Equisetum, of the botanical family of the Equisataceae, also called Coda Cavallina, grows spontaneously and it's widespread in our country.

This plant, so important for biological defense against cryptogamic diseases and plant parasites, contains important components like:
salicylic acid, silica, oxalic acid, sulfuric salts, modest content of alkaloids, flavonoids, equisetina, other mineral substances such as calcium, potassium, aluminum, magnesium and manganese.

The high content of silica (about 17% of the ashes), and the content of the others elements, makes it an excellent natural fungicide for biological defense against cryptogamic diseases such as oidium and downy mildew because it enhance the strenght of the cuticle, thickening it. This makes the penetration of the pathogens harder. At the same time, the application on the leaves has a repellent effective function for many pest insects, including aphids and mites.


Equisetum arvense


Always use the preparation avoiding the hottest hours of the day, atomising the solution directly on the leaves. To improve the equisetum preparation efficiency, it could be added sodium silicate. This last is recommended because it increase the efficacy and the persistence of the preparation on the leaves.

Obviously the sodium silicate is allowed in organic farming.
To further increase the efficacy could be added the marseille soap. In this way we will have a better preparation adhesivness.

The preparation can be used every 15 days to proptect the plant.
If climatic conditions help the disease development, the frequency can be increased. Finally, if used as pesticide, the equisetum can be used combined or alternated, with other natural preparations, like the macerated nettle, the garlic infused and the macerated tomato leaves.

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