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Fungicide, Fertilizer and Soil corrector

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Manufacturer SKL
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Whey Milk is a waste product which received great attention during last years. 

In 2016 the European Commission, after many studies and researches, included Whey Milk in the category of Basic Substances, ensuring the satefy of this substance for human health and for the environment.

Researches show the effectiveness for:

  • The control of powdery mildew: various components of milk produce oxygen radicals, contributing to the reduction of severity of powdery mildew on treated leaves. Whey Milk causes the hyphae of Uncinula necator to collapse and damage conidia within 24 h of treatment.
  • Seed treatment: In field trials Whey Milk was able to control seed borne infection by Common Bunt (Tilletia tritici) in wheat without decreasing the germination vigour of the treated seeds. Whey Milk is also able to control Stem Smut (Urocystis occulta) in rye.
  • Nutrition: used alone or in association with other fertilizers it apports a balanced intake of N-P-K.
  • Correcting soil pH: whey is acidic, with a pH between 4.0 and 6.1, it can be used to correct pH in alkaline soils for specific plants.


CODEX STAN 289-1995
Cas No


Cucumis sativus

Cucurbita pepo
Powdery mildews
Podosphaera fusca
Podosphaera xanthii
Erysiphe cichoracearum
Erysiphe orontii
Sphaerotheca fuliginea
Leveillula cucurbitacearum

36 - 240 gr / hl

Doses refer to those officially published in the Reports by EFSA

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