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Antistress, invigorating, natural fungicide - Allowed in Organic farming

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Whey is a precious substance for the fight against powdery mildew and is a good addition to liquid wood for logs during the winter.

In some vine varieties, Whey in 10% higher doses is a preventive and curative fungicide of powdery mildew. In these cases high volumes of water need for spraying and sulfur may be added. Numerous research in Australia and Brazil validates its effectiveness. Whey has a good preventive activity against downy mildew, especially in warm areas such as southern Italy and also in France.

The use of Whey in liquid pulp for logs is also positive because it lowers the pH of the liquid solution.


Whey Milk99%



This product should only be used on its own.
It is preferable to avoid mixtures with products, but if it's necessary, is good to execute a little test of miscibility before use.

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