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Corroborating action - Allowed in Organic farming

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Ammesso in bio
Manufacturer SKL
Formulation Liquido emulsionabile
Reg. number Sostanza di base


SKL Sunflower oil carries out a strong insecticidal contact action, interrupting the gas exchange (respiration), the function or the structure of the cell membrane.

Its toxic action is more physical than chemical and is of short duration.

SKL Sunflower oil can stifle the growth of fungi and reduce spore germination on the treated surfaces.

It has a fungistatic action: it blocks the growth of fungi rather than killing pathogens.

SKL Sunflower oil is a highly refined oil and can control insect vectors of plant viruses, mites and fungal pathogens.


Sunflower oil
Basic substance approved pursuant to Art. 23 of Reg. (CE) n.1107 / 2009


Complete doses on the label.

CropsAdversityDoses (Lt/Ha)
Insecticide and acaricide activity (Withholding Periods: 14 days)
(Eriosoma lanigerum)
1 Lt
Bearer plants
Pome fruits
Stone fruits
Aphid Aphis pomi, Myzus cerasi, Brachycaudus helichrysi, Myzus persicae
Mites Panonychus ulmi, Aculus cornutus, Lorryia formosa
Cochineal (Lepidosaphes ulmi)
10 - 20 Lt
Yellow mite (Eotetranychus carpini)
Ragnetto rosso comune (Tetranychus urticae)
3 - 9 Lt
(Macrosiphum euphorbiae)
White fly
(Bemisia tabaci)
6 - 10 Lt
VegetableRagni ed acari (Tetranychus spp)
10 - 20 Lt
Protective insecticide post-harvest (Withholding Periods: 0 days)
Stored legumesColeoptera
(Callosobruchus chinensis / C. maculatus / C. rhodesianus)
1 Lt per quintal
Fungicide action (Withholding Periods: 2 days)
VegetablesPowdery mildew (Oidium neolycopersici)
0,5 - 5 Lt
Fungicide action (Withholding Periods: 14 days)
GrapevineReduction of fungal diseases1 - 8 Lt

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