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Humic extracts from leonardite

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Humic and Fulvic acids are organic substances that, thanks to their nature and structure, are able to complex a high number of nutrients, helping their absorption and translocation into the plant tissues, promoting cells division and differentiation. 

Huminal combi, used for radical applications:

  • It improves the physical and chemical characteristics of the soil;
  • It increases the development of the root system on crops;
  • It increases and improves the nutrients uptake in the soil (complexing power);
  • It stimulates microbial flora. 

Huminal combi used for foliar applications:

  • It complex and carries active ingredients and nutrients in which it's associated;
  • It stimulates metabolic processes;
  • It improves plant resistance.


Organic matter
Organic matter on dry substance
Organic matter humified as percentage
Organic Nitrogen on dry matter
C/N Ratio
Potassium hydroxide


CropsFoliar (kg/ha)Radical (kg/ha)
Tree crops1 - 340 - 60
Industrial crops1 - 3
40 - 60
Horticultural crops1 - 3
40 - 60
Floriculture1 - 3
40 - 60
Lawns and golf courses1 - 3
40 - 60

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