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Corroborating rock powder - Allowed in Organic farming

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Ammesso in bio
Manufacturer SKL
Formulation Polvere bagnabile
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Talc is an hydrated magnesium silicate. 

It's effective in wine-growing as diseccant and cicatrizant agent after a frost. 


  • It's effective in wine-growing as diseccantand and cicatrizant agent after a frost.

  • It's effective to control Gray Mold, Acid rot and to prevent bees and wasp damage in the harvest time.

  • It's an excellent sulfur aid and allows to reduce the doses.

  • It's possible to add bentonite too.


Talco (hydrated magnesium silicate)


Polverizzazioni a secco su vigneti in produzione:

Kg. 10-20 x ettaro se utilizzato sa solo

Kg. 5-10 in miscela con altre polveri quali: zolfo, bentonite, zeolite ecc.

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