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Mustard Oil for agricultural use

Mustard oil - Phytoprotective and Phytostimulant effect for all crops

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Mustard Oil for Biological Agriculture with phytoprotective and phytostimulant action for all crops. Check price, doses, label and safety data sheet.


Senapoil, obtained from the seeds of Brassica nigra and alba, has phytoprotective and phytostimulant effects on all agricultural crops and it represents an eco-friendly alternative to chemical products.

It’s a source of vitamins B, C, E, K, proteins and mineral salts; seeds contain phytoprotective substances such as Synapine (alkaloid), Sinigrin (glucoside), and Allyl isocyanate.


  • It is not a pesticide;
  • It is 100% natural with fungistatic action;
  • It respects the environment, the operator and the consumer;
  • It does not cause pathogen resistance phenomena;
  • It has no waiting period and leaves no residue;
  • It is suitable for all crops of agricultural interest;


Mustard oil
1010 kg/m3
pHc.a. 10
Obtained from the cold pressing of mustard seeds (Sinapis alba)


The product can be used on all tree, herbaceous and industrial crops by foliar or root application, in fertigation or sprayed.

The product must be previously dissolved in water at a temperature not lower than 10 - 15 °C shacking it adequately, to homogenize the mixture. Pay attention to the complete dissolution of the product.

Fruit trees
(citrus, stone fruits, olive trees, pome fruits, grapevine)
5 - 10 Kg/ha
5 - 7 Kg x 1000 mq
Horticultural crops
3 - 7 Kg/ha
3 - 5 Kg x 1000 mq
Industrial crops
3 - 7 Kg/ha
3 - 5 Kg x 1000 mq
Ornamental crops
3 - 7 Kg/ha
3 - 4 Kg x 1000 mq

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