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Organic crop protection product containing Trichoderma asperellum and Trichoderma gamsii

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Manufacturer Isagro S.p.A.
Formulation Polvere bagnabile
Reg. number 13593

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Radix Soil is an organic crop protection product that contains natural strains of the antagonist fungi Trichoderma asperellum and Trichoderma gamsii.

Radix Soil is particularly indicated to prevent attacks of roots and collar parasitic fungi as: Rhizoctonia solani, Pythium spp., Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, Verticillium dahliae, Thielaviopsis basicola, Sclerotium rolfsii, Phytophthora spp., Armillaria mellea.

Trichoderma, after the application, colonizes soil and roots of crops, subtracting space and nutrients from pathogenic fungi and attacking enzymatically their cell walls.

It is therefore important to apply Radix Soil as a preventive measure.


Trichoderma asperellum
((strain ICC 012)
Trichoderma gamsii
(strain ICC 080)
Minimum total concentration in CFU
(Colony Forming Units)
3 x 107 per gram


Floreal and Ornamental
(chrysanthemum, cyclamen, poinsettia, primula, etc)
Nursery, seedbed
250 g/m3 of soil
Greenhouse or open field
2,5 Kg/ha
(tomato, bell pepper, lettuces and other salads, including brassicaceae, melon, fennel, artichoke, basil, celery, bean, string bean, zucchini, eggplant, cucumber, carrot, spinach, herbs and strawberries)
250 g/m3 of soil
Greenhouse or open field
2,5 Kg/ha
Fruit trees
(pome fruit, stone fruit, kiwi, soft fruits, grapevine, olive trees, citrus)
Ornamental and forest plants
(broom, rose, maple, etc)
against Armillaria rot
Pre - transplanting
2,5 Kg/ha
Early spring
2,5 Kg/ha
Early autumn
2,5 Kg/ha

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