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Soluzione di nitrato di calcio

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MAXI Calcium is a liquid fertilizer for fertigation that allows nitrogen and calcium formulations to be readily available to the crops. The balanced ratio of the nutritive elements (Nitrogen and Calcium) makes it particularly suitable in all cases of nutritional physiopathy (desiccation of the rachis in the vine, apical rot of the tomato, bitter butteraratura of the apples, etc.) to increase the vegetative growth on Vine, Fruttiferi and Ortive in general.

Its particular formulation, represented by the fraction of Nitrogen in Nitrate form, determines an increase in the chlorophyll function. The high content of calcium gives greater resistance to parasitic attacks, improves cellular turgor and gives greater resistance to plant tissues during transport.


Total nitrogen (N) 8%
Nitrogen (N) nitrogen 7%
Nitrogen (N) ammoniacal 1%
Calcium oxide (CaO) soluble in water 15%


ColturaFogliare (Kg/Ha)Radicale (Kg/Ha)
Colture arboree3 - 5100 - 300
Colture industriali3 - 5100 - 300
Colture ortive3 - 5100 - 300
Colture floricole3 - 5100 - 300
Tappeti erbosi e campi da golf3 - 5100 - 300

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