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Phosphoric acid 40%

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Phosphorus mainly acts during the vegetative development of plant: it favours the synthesis of roots, seeds and tubers.

Application of Maxi Fosforo 40 increases blooming and ripening of fruit and seeds, better growth of the radical system, increases leaf area and dimension of fruit; it also improves plant resistance to biotic and abiotic stress.

Maxi Fosforo 40 with an acid pH is ideal for fertigation on alkaline soil, favouring solubilization of trace elements; It also reduces the formation of saline precipitation during fertigation with Calcium and Magnesium high content water.

Repeated applications of Maxi Fosforo 40 at recommended dosage:

  • Induce the synthesis of more vigorous tissues;
  • Allow a better balance between the vegetative and the reproductive phase;
  • The size and uniformity of the fruits increase;
  • Increase the productivity of plants;
  • Improve the qualitative characteristics of the productions (especially for leaf crops);
  • Increase the production of chlorophyll;
  • Resistance to abiotic stress increases;
  • Cellular permeability increases, improving the absorption capacity of the nutritive elements;


Total phosphoric anhydride (P2O5) from orthophosphoric acid


Grapevine, Stone Fruit, Pome Fruit, Olive, Citrus
70 – 100 kg/ha
2 - 3
Horticulture, Flower, Nursery, Lawns
60 – 90 kg/ha
Industrial crops, Cereals
60 – 90 kg/ha

We suggest to fertigate during the coolest hours. Do not mix with alkaline reaction formulations and/or Calcium and Magnesium salts.