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Inoculum of mycorrhizal fungi

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Okyspor Mix is a dark green suspension containing conidiospores, chlamydospores and mycelium of Trichoderma sp. and live cells of Bacillus spp.

It does not contain genetically modified organisms and pathogenic organisms such as salmonella, fecal coliforms, aerobic mesophiles and nematode eggs.

Trichoderma viride and Bacillus spp. colonize the roots of plants and multiply with them.

Their action takes place through the inhibition of the growth of pathogenic fungi through competition for nutrients, the stimulation of the plant’s defense systems and the production of phytohormones that stimulate the growth of the root system and the aerial part of the plants.

The growth of the root system favors the mineral nutrition of plants.


Organic matrix: simple non-composted vegetal improver
Content in Mycorrhizae
Content in Trichoderma
2 x 107
Content of bacteria and fungi of the rhizosphere
4 x 108


Preventive use is recommended both in pots and in garden.
It’s recommended to spray in the evening or during cooler hours; do not use on plants that are already seriously ill.
In the soil Okyspor Mix L is active with temperature between 4 - 34 °C.
Lower temperature limits the activity of microorganism that will be active again when temperature will raise up.

Foliar (kg/ha)
Tree crops
10 kg/ha
Industrial crops
10 kg/ha
Horticultural crops
10 kg/ha
10 kg/ha
Lawn turf and golf curses
10 kg/ha