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Biostimulant - Antistress for foliar and radical applications

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Manufacturer SKL
Formulation Liquido
Reg. number Biostimolante

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Glycinbeta is a natural origin liquid fertilizer.

Glycinbeta, being rich in natural substances, provides a high content of Trimethylglycine (>30%), substance with high osmo protective action, accumulated by plants in response to environmental factors: high or low temperatures, high salinity.

Glycinbeta preserves cellular functions, binding to cell membranes and enzymes. It also mantains cellular turgor, preventing an excessive water loss from cells.

Glycinbeta meets the market demand of biostimulant free from natural origin amino acids.


Total Organic Nitrogen (N)6,0%
Organic Carbon (C)18%
Organic matter of vegetable origin35,4%
> 30,0%
S.W. 1,20 kg/Lt
pH ± 11.5


Foliar application
Horticultural crops5 - 6 kg/ha
during vegetative development every 7 - 10 days
Tree crops, Olive tree, Grapevine5 - 6 kg/ha
after bud swelling, every 7 - 10 days, 3 - 4 applications until fruit colouring
Cereals5 - 6 kg/ha
from tillering to flag leaf
On all crops15 - 25 kg/ha
every 10 - 15 days