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Organic Nitrogen fertilizer

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Manufacturer SKL
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Organik 700 is a bio-fermented and refined fertilizer, produced by bacterial fermentation of renewable organic matrices, with a high protein content: soy, corn, wheat, without chemicals. The final product is well balanced, rich in free Amino Acids and Humic Acids ≥ 37%, Nitrogen ≥ 7,2%, dry Organic Matter ≥ 45%, Magnesium Oxide 0,5% and microelements, quickly absorbed by roots.

Organik 700 is a dark granulated fertilizer with a smooth surface and a pleasant sweetish scent, ideal for Organic and Integrated Agriculture.


  • Productivity is increased;
  • Fruit texture and colour are increased;
  • Photosynthesis is enhanced;
  • Organic matter is available to plant;
  • Phosphorous retrogradation is slower;
  • It slowly releases  nutrients;
  • Meso and microelements are available;
  • It counteracts radical roots;
  • It counteracts bacterioses, viroses and orobanche.


Total (N) Nitrogen
Organic (N) Nitrogen
Magnesium oxide (MgO)
Organic (C) Carbon
organic matter45%
Amino acids
Humic acids15%



Surface broadcastBand application
Tree fruits
(stone fruit, pome fruit, citrus, olive, grapevine, actinidia, etc)
300 - 600 kg/ha1 - 3 kg/plant
Industrial crops
(tomato, potato, artichoke, corn, sunflower, soy, cereals, sugar beet, legums, etc))
400 - 500 kg/ha
(1 o 2 applications)
1 - 3 kg/plant
Horticultural crops
(celery, fennel, lettuce, chard, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, onion, carrot, etc)
300 - 500 kg/ha
(1 o 2 applications)
1 - 3 kg/plant

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