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Chestnut Tannin in powder - Repellent action

Chestnut Tannin - Repellent action against Nematodes and Pests

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Chestnut Tannin in powder with repellent action for Biological Agriculture on all crops. Check price, doses, label and safety data sheet.


Tannisol is entirely made of Chestnut Tannin, a natural substance able to stimulate and activate plant defense mechanisms.

Chestnut Tannin is a polyphenolic molecule with complexing properties that stimulates the growth and the development of the root system of plants and also beneficial soil microflora, limiting the proliferation of phytopathogenic agents. Thanks to its acid pH, it creates an inhospitable environment to Nematodes.

Tannisol is also an effective repellent against predators and parasites, because it decreases the digestibility of food or make it repellent, acting on the flavor (astringency) and on the hardness of the tissues.

Finally, it is a powerful antibiotic, capable to defend plants from several fungal pathogens, inhibiting the hydrolytic enzymes (cellulases, pectinases, xylanases) necessary to penetrate plant tissues.

Main Funtions:

  • It has an acidifying action on soil pH;
  • It increases fruit production and quality;
  • It improves radical development and the assimilation of trace elements;
  • It reduces the damage due to parasites of the root system.


Chestnut Tannin
Total polyphenolic substances
Min. 96%
Dry matter
pH (10% sol.)
Organic carbon
Product derived from aqueous extraction of domestic chestnut wood (Castanea sativa) obtained exclusively by physical processes


Chestnut Tannin can be used on fruit and vegetable crops in integrated and organic agriculture by fertigation, distributing the product during the crop development cycle.

Application: Distribute the product in the last phase of the irrigation cycle to avoid leaks due to leaching.

Foliar (Kg/ha)
Fertigation (Kg/ha)
All crops
1,5 - 2,5 Kg/ha
7,5 - 10 Kg/ha
from 2 to 4 applications
every 10 - 20 days