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Fertilizer solution NP 20-30 (phosphite)

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Olivosan is a synthetic fertilizer and resistance inductor (SAR), used in integrated agriculture on all crops.

Used on Olive tree, Olivosan expresses its full potential, providing an efficient and active Nitrogen and phosphorus source. It can be used in any vegetative stage, from awakening to harvest by foliar or by radical applications. It’s quickly absorbed into the lymphatic system and thanks to its systemic activity, it guarantees a healthy and harmonious development of crops.

Olivosan enhances plant natural defense, get the plant stronger to fungal and bacterial attacks, especially on tracheomycosis (Fusarium and Verticillium).

Olivosan has been tested and verified on fruit growing, viticulture, horticulture, floriculture: required concentrations depends on the physiological and pathological state, climate conditions, humidity, morning dew, rain etc.

It is recommended to use the product under a technical control, at rains and during the most sensitivity phenological phases.


Total nitrogen (N)
Ureic nitrogen (N)
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) soluble in water30%


Foliar application
Tree crops
(Olive, Citrus, Grapevine, Stone fruit, Pome fruits, Kiwi, Forest crops, Industrial crops, Grass lawn, etc.)
250-300 gr/hl
(2,5-3 Kg/ha)
(applications during the whole cycle of the plant)
Horticultural crops
(Melon, Cucumber, Watermelon, Tomato, Bell pepper, Aubergine, Potato, Strawberry, Lettuce, Fennel, Chard, Cabbage, etc.)
200-250 gr/hl
(2-2,5 Kg/ha)
(applications from post-transplanting and vegetative restart)
Floriculture and ornamental crops
(Rose, Chrysanthemums, Carnation, Gerbera, Geraniums, cyclamens, etc.)
200-250 gr/hl
(2-2,5 Kg/ha)
(applications from post-transplanting and vegetative restart)
flowers, pot plants, hornamental, fruits, vegetables
10-20 Lt/ha
(applications during the whole cycle of the plant)

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