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Organic humectant with surfactant action

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Manufacturer SKL
Formulation Liquido
Reg. number Coadiuvante Organico

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Solwet is an Organic humectant with surfactant action consisting of:

  • a hydrophilic part that interacts with water;
  • a hydrophobic component that interacts with the soil.

Thanks to these properties Solwet it’s a very effective product, able to bind itself with water, making it longer available in the soil.

Solwet it’s ideal for all kind of water and substrates, especially those with low drainage capacity, it allows a homogeneous distribution of water with physiological well-being for the plant.

Thanks to its peculiar characteristics, Solwet: 

  • Improve water penetration in the soil, soil wetting and the distribution along soil profile;
  • Increase efficiency of fertilizers, that are longer available to root system, avoiding leakages due to percolation;
  • Increase efficiency of chemicals, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides; active ingredients are longer in contact with weeds with a better distribution on the surface of leaves and soil.
  • Allow a lower dosage with a lower environmental impact that results in savings for farmers.


Organic surfactants
Amino acids


Solwet is suitable for all crops:
Time of application
Dosage (lt/ha)
Amount of water
Pre-sowing or pre-transplanting / substrate treatment
1,5 - 3 1000 - 2000 litre
First phase of development1,5 - 3
1000 - 2000 litre
Application during the entire development cycle1 - 21000 - 2000 litre

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