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Calcium complex (ammonium lignosulfonate)

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Radi-Cal is a liquid fertilizer with a high content of calcium, complexed with ammonium lignosulphonates deriving from the wood cellulose extraction process. Unlike other chelating agents, Lignosulfonates don't destroy the structure of cell walls during absorption.

Radi-Cal is not influenced by the chemical characteristics of soil and its stability is maximum at both acidic and alkaline pH. The product is effective in the treatment and prevention of many plant diseases due to calcium deficiency.


  • On stone fruit from petals falling to ripening to increase consistency, shelf life and sugar content of the fruit.
  • In viticulture against rachis lesions, it increases the sugar content and the consistency of the berries.
  • In strawberry growing, during the fruit growing phase, it improves fruit consistency.
  • In lettuce during growth, to prevent and control necrosis and rots.
  • In celery to prevent and control the black heart.


Total calcium oxide (CaO)15%
Calcium oxide (CaO) in the form of a complex12%
Complexing agent: ammonium lignosulphonate


Tree crops2 - 4 kg/ha20 - 80 kg/ha
Industrial crops2 - 4 kg/ha
20 - 80 kg/ha
Horticultural crops2 - 4 kg/ha
20 - 80 kg/ha
Flower crops2 - 4 kg/ha
20 - 80 kg/ha
Lawns and golf courses2 - 4 kg/ha
20 - 80 kg/ha

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