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CE Fertilizer - Iron chelated (EDDHSA) for Citrus, Fruit and Horticultural crops - foliar applications

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Manufacturer SKL
Formulation Microgranuli idrosolubili
Reg. number 10720/15

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Seyfer 320 is a fertilizer based on iron chelate, ideal to prevent and treat iron deficiency. It is a high quality product in soluble granules; it prevents iron deficiency "ferric chlorosis" in tree, horticultural and ornamental crops. The particular formulation of Seyfer 320 makes the Iron ready assimilated by roots, thanks to the high percentage of iron in EDDHSA. 

  • Induce the synthesis of more vigorous tissues;
  • Allow a better balance between the vegetative and the reproductive phase;
  • The size and uniformity of the fruits increase;
  • Increase the productivity of plants;
  • Improve the qualitative characteristics of the productions (especially for leaf crops);
  • Increase the production of chlorophyll;
  • Resistance to abiotic stress increases;
  • Cellular permeability increases, improving the absorption capacity of the nutritive elements;

Seyfer 320 can be used on all crops (Stone Fruit, Pome Fruit, citrus, Grapevine, Horticultural and Ornamental crops) by roots. 


Iron (Fe) soluble in water
Iron (Fe) chelated with EDDHSA
Chelating agent: (EDDHSA)
PH range which guarantees a good stability of the chelated fraction: 4-10
Raw materials: iron chelate (EDDHSA)


CropsRadical application
25-50 gr each plant
Pome Fruit and Stone Fruit
25-50 gr each plant
Depending to age and dimension
Citrus and Olive tree
40-50 gr young trees
50-80 gr old trees
Horticultural crops
3-6 kg/ha after transplanting
Flower and Ornamental crops
10-30 gr each plant