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Bactericidal, sporicide, virucide action

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Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a very pale blue liquid which appears colourless in a dilute solution, slightly more viscous than water. 

It is a weak acid, with a strong oxidizing properties and is therefore a powerful bleaching agent that is mostly used for bleaching paper, but has also found use as a disinfectant and as an oxidizer.

Hydrogen peroxide is a well-documented component of living cells. It plays important roles in host defense and oxidative biosynthetic reactions. 

Hydrogen Peroxide has earned its name as an eco-friendly disinfectant that can be used universally. It’s  safe and nontoxic for people and surroundings. It provides high efficacy in killing of microorganisms in all possible media applications of air, water, surface, and soil. It proves to be a powerful antibacterial, fungicide, virucide, amoebicide, algaecide.

Hydrogen Peroxide is highly unstable, causing the molecule to break along the oxygen-oxygen bond, releasing free hydroxyl radicals (OH) that serve to oxidize organic matter.

It finds application as a disinfectant in fields of agriculture, food and beverage industries, process industries and other institutions to maintain a safe hygiene.

EFSA authorizes:

- Only uses as basic substance, being a fungicide and bactericide in seed treatment and for disinfecting agricultural cutting tools.


Hydrogen peroxide
Cas No7722-84-1
PuritySolution in water ( <5 %)
Structural formulaH2O2


To disinfect agricultural cutting tools
(Lycopersicon esculentum)
Bell pepper   

(Capsicum spp)
Bacteria (Ralstonia Solanacerum),
Botrytis cinerea

15 - 30 g di principio attivo per litro
As seed Treatment before sowing
Lactuca sativa
Bacterial leaf spot pathogen
(Xanthomonas campestris pv. vitians)
10 - 15 g of active ingredients per liter
seeds are immersed in the prepared solution (<5% hydrogen peroxide solution) for 5- 15 min
Horticulture flowers
(Zinnia elegans)
Pathogenic fungi
(Alternaria zinnia, Alternaria alternata, Fusarium Spp.)
25 - 49 g of active ingredients per liter
seeds are immersed in the prepared solution (<5% hydrogen peroxide solution) for 5- 15 min

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