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Perossido di idrogeno azione battericida, virucida e sporicida

Bactericidal, sporicide, virucide action

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Ammesso in bio
Manufacturer SKL
Formulation Liquido
Reg. number Sostanza di base

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Perossido di idrogeno per Agricoltura Biologica, ad azione battericida, virucida e sporicida su tutte le colture. Consulta prezzo, dose, etichetta e scheda di sicurezza.


Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a very pale blue liquid which appears colourless in a dilute solution, slightly more viscous than water. 

It is a weak acid, with a strong oxidizing properties and is therefore a powerful bleaching agent, mostly used for bleaching paper, but is also used as a disinfectant and as oxidizer.

Hydrogen peroxide is a well-documented component of living cells. It plays important roles in host defense and oxidative biosynthetic reactions. 

Hydrogen Peroxide has earned its name as an eco-friendly disinfectant that can be used universally. It’s  safe and non-toxic for people and for the environment. It provides high efficacy in killing microorganisms in all possible applications: air, water, surface, and soil. It is also a powerful antibacterial, fungicide, virucide, amoebicide, algaecide.

Hydrogen Peroxide is highly unstable, the molecule breaks down along the oxygen-oxygen bond, releasing free hydroxyl radicals (OH) causing the oxidation of the organic matter.

It finds application as a disinfectant for agriculture, food and beverage industries and many industrial process.

EFSA authorizes:

- Only uses as basic substance, being a fungicide and bactericide in seed treatment and for disinfecting agricultural cutting tools.


Hydrogen peroxide
Cas No7722-84-1
PuritySolution in water ( <5 %)
Structural formulaH2O2


To disinfect agricultural cutting tools
(Lycopersicon esculentum)
Bell pepper   

(Capsicum spp)
Bacteria (Ralstonia Solanacerum),
Botrytis cinerea

15 - 30 g di principio attivo per litro
As seed Treatment before sowing
Lactuca sativa
Bacterial leaf spot pathogen
(Xanthomonas campestris pv. vitians)
10 - 15 g of active ingredients per liter
seeds are immersed in the prepared solution (<5% hydrogen peroxide solution) for 5- 15 min
Horticulture flowers
(Zinnia elegans)
Pathogenic fungi
(Alternaria zinnia, Alternaria alternata, Fusarium Spp.)
25 - 49 g of active ingredients per liter
seeds are immersed in the prepared solution (<5% hydrogen peroxide solution) for 5- 15 min

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