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Fugicide for the control of poronospera and vine and tomato oidium.

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Manufacturer BASF Italia
Formulation Granuli idrodispersibili
Reg. number 12528

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Cabrio Top è un fungicida BASF a base di Pyraclostrobin e Metiram, ideale per trattamenti contro Peronospora e Oidio. Consulta dosi in etichetta, scheda tecnica e scheda di sicurezza.


It is a broad-spectrum fungicide for Pomodoro and Vite.

CABRIO ® TOP arises from the combination of two active substances that act with complementary modalities on a wide spectrum of diseases. CABRIO® TOP partially penetrates rapidly into the plant's tissues and partly adheres tenaciously to the surfaces. Moreover, since it does not have systemic activity, it does not have dilutions on the most important organs (eg bunches). As a consequence, CABRIO® TOP offers a continuous and lasting protection of the treated parts, limiting the risk of leaching.


To fully exploit the features of CABRIO® TOP it is recommended to use it as part of a preventive strategy, not exceeding 2-3 treatments a year. The fittable dosage (1, $ 1-2 kg / ha) allows the product to adapt to the real needs of the crop and to the weather conditions and, therefore, to the pressure of the


metiram 55%
pyraclostrobin 5%


ColturaDosi (g/hl)N° appl.
Pomodoro150 - 2003
Vite150 - 2003

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