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Humic extracts from leonardite

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Humic acids are natural substances produced by microbial biodegradation of Organic Matter (vegetable or animal). They are usually present in soil and water and are also present in humus.

Humic acids are a complex mixture of different acids containing carboxylic and phenolic groups.

Thanks to their nature and structure, Humic acids are able to complex a high number of nutrients, helping their absorption and translocation into the plant tissues, promoting cells division and differentiation. 

Organik umic 45 used radically, it allows:

  • It improves the physical and chemical characteristics of the soil;
  • It increases the development of the root system on crops;
  • It increases and improves the nutrients uptake in the soil (complexing power);
  • It complex and carries active ingredients and nutrients in which it's associated;
  • It stimulates metabolic processes;
  • It improves plant resistance.


Organic substance


CropsDosage (kg/ha)
Tree crops300 - 500
Industrial crops300 - 400
Horticultural crops100 - 300
Flower crops100 - 300
Lawns and golf courses100 - 300

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