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Mixture of Organic Nitrogen fertilizers with Iron

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Manufacturer SKL
Formulation Liquido
Reg. number 17177/16

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Aminofer is a totally water-soluble organic Nitrogen fertilizer, obtained by hydrolysis of organic substances of vegetable origin with iron addition.

Composed of oligopeptides and free amino acids, yeasts, vitamins, etc. it represents an immediate Nitrogenous reserve, directly used by the plant in the proteins, enzymes, plant growth regulators and sugars synthesis.

Aminofer increases yields, fruit set, fruit size, organoleptic qualities and shelf life of fruits; on plants debilitated by stress (frost, hail, weeding, root asphyxia) their vegetative recovery is favoured.

The valuable presence of Iron in a complex form, carries iron ready to be absorbed by roots for a physiological need and for the resolution of Iron deficit.

Aminofer is useful to solve light chlorosis in soils with an alkaline pH.


Organic nitrogen (N) totally soluble in water
Total iron (Fe)
Organic carbon (C) of biological origin


CropsFoliar (g/hl)Fertigation (kg/ha)
Tree crops250 - 35030 - 60
Industrial crops250 - 350
30 - 60
Horticultural crops250 - 350
30 - 60
Floriculture250 - 350
30 - 60
Lawn turf and golf courses
250 - 350
30 - 60

Associated to insecticidal and herbicidal treatments (1-2 kg/ha)

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