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Preventative fungicide for the control of oidium on many crops

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Manufacturer Sipcam Italia
Formulation Sospensione concentrata
Reg. number 13055

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Macho is a mixture of Quinoxifen and Sulfur. The main peculiarity of Quinoxifen (specific anti-oxydic molecule) is to maintain a prolonged preventive activity, as the active substance is able to fix and redistribute itself on the epicuticular waxes of bunches, fruits, shoots or young twigs and leaves.


Pure quinoxifen
g. 3, 6 (= 48 g / liter)
Pure sulfur
g. 47 (= 630 g / liter)
Coformulants: just enough
g. 100


ColturaDosi (l/ha)N° appl.
Albicocco1.3 - 1.62
Carciofo1 - 1.53
Cocomero (anguria)1 - 1.33
Fragola1 - 1.53
Melo1.3 - 1.62
Melone1 - 1.33
Pesco1.3 - 1.62
Vite ad uva da tavola1 - 1.62
Vite ad uva da vino1 - 1.62
Zucchino1 - 1.33

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