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Kaolin powder - Repellent action agaist Diptera and regulation of plant temperature

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Manufacturer SKL
Formulation Polvere bagnabile
Reg. number Corroborante


Okycao is a very fine powder with an intense white color and particles of 2 - 3 micron diameter, so it can be easily sprayed through normal atomizers on plants, creating a strong and adhesive film on leaves and fruits.

Okycao performs various beneficial functions:

  • It lowers the temperature of the plant and improves photosynthesis;

  • It reflects infrared rays

  • It increases the daytime assimilation rate of carbon dioxide;

  • it limits the development of various pests such as Olive fly, Vine leafhopper, Diptera tripetidae, Walnut fly, Fruit fly, Pear psilla, Chestnut cynipid. It blocks eggs deposition on the parts covered by the
    treatment, so it’s important to repeat the treatment in case of heavy rains.


Kaolin powder
Silicium oxide (SiO2)
Alluminium oxide (Al2O3)
Titanium oxide (TiO2)
Iron oxide (Fe2O3)
Magnesium oxide (MgO)
Calcium oxide (CaO)
Sodium oxide (Na2O)
Potassium oxide (K2O)


The product must be distributed preventively, that is before the beginning of the laying of the eggs (indicatively in July-August) and the treatment must be repeated on a monthly basis (September-October and even November, if the infestation of the fly continues to be high and the collection it is not imminent).

Protective treatments against atmospheric agents and physiopathies
Olive grovesSolution 2,5 - 5%Greater resistance to drought stresses, control of Olive fruit fly
Industrial tomato
Solution 2,5 - 5%
Greater resistance to drought stresses, protection of fruits from sunburn, containment of pests
Solution 2,5 - 5%
Fruit vegetablesSolution 2,5 - 5%

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