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Marseille Soap - Allowed in Organic farming

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Manufacturer SKL
Formulation Liquido
Reg. number Corroborante


Oky Gold product is the result of a chemical reaction between hydroxide and specific fatty acids of vegetable origin, which are the main constituents of this product.

Like other soaps, Oky Gold is a surfactant, meaning it has the ability to solubilize non-polar organic substances, such as fats, in water. This property is also used in agriculture as an adjunct in crop protection for several reasons:

  • Combined with other agrochemical products, it acts as a wetting agent / tackifier; that is, it favors the homogeneous diffusion of the active ingredients in the mixtures to be distributed and a more complete coverage of the treated vegetation.
  • It strengthens the natural defenses against insects and parasitic fungi: its use in the preventive phase in fact reduces the risk of laying and hatching of possible insect eggs and hyphae present on the plants. An additional action of dissolution of the protective wax-like coatings of insects is also hypothesized, which would result in easier devitalization of the latter by atmospheric agents.
  • Its direct action to the disintegration of organic exudates (honeydew) produced by sucking insects such as: aphids, psylla, metcalpha, cochineals and whiteflies. In this way it indirectly prevents the formation of sooty mold or subsequent fungal attacks, which would find a starting point in the sugar residues.

Method of use:

Dispense Oky Gold with nebulization. In fact, the molecules contained in Oky Gold have a negatively ionised hydrophilic head and a hydrophobic tail. Due of the electrostatic fields that form between the plants (good conductors of current, thanks to lymph, mineral salts, humidity, etc.) and the chemical mist delivered by the diffusers with a suitable electrostatic charge, the saturated droplets of Oky Gold are attracted strongly from vegetation, reducing losses due to drift even in the presence of wind.

The advantages of a similar dispense method are:

  • Less drift losses.
  • Uniform distribution and perfect adherence of pesticides also to the underside of the leaves.
  • Full coverage even in the highest parts of the tree.
  • Full use of the combined pesticides and therefore even less quantity required per hectare.
  • Higher working speed (up to 12 Km / h).
  • Greater time savings.
  • Significant reduction in environmental pollution.
  • 70% reduction of the operator's possible pesticide contamination, both by inhalation and by contact. 


Saponified fatty acids (C10-C18)
Strengthening - Enhancer of plant defenses


  • Preventive:intervene once every 3 weeks, dissolving 300-400 g of Oky Gold per hectolitre of water and spray the plants until complete dripping.
  • Curative: dissolve 400-500 g of Oky Gold per hectolitre of water and spray the plants until they are completely dripped; repeat the procedure the next day. If necessary, carry out a new cycle of operations after a week.
ColturaDose (g/hl)
Fruit trees, Citrus
Floral crops, Ornamental crops
Winter treatments
Vegetative treatments
do not exceed the dose of:

Watch out for plants with hairy leaves: in this case reduce the dosage.

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