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Isomate C/OFM (Carpocapsa + Cydia)

A new approach to controlling Cydia pomonella (Codling moth) and Cydia molesta (Oriental fruit moth)

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Manufacturer CBC (Europe) S.r.l.
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Reg. number 12833

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The Isomate C/OFM controlled-release dispenser contains synthetic pheromones that are chemically similar to the natural pheromones produced by Cydia pomonella and Cydia molesta. The dispenser is composed of two parallel polymer tubes, one of which contains an aluminium wire and enables the positioning of the dispenser in the field and the other filled with the specific pheromones mixture.


Mating disruption success relies on frequent monitoring of the insect population in such a way that, if necessary, prompt action may be taken to lower population numbers. Thus monitoring traps should be placed throughout the orchard (and especially at the edges of the area covered) and inspected on a weekly basis throughout the season. If the mating disruption technique is functioning properly, the monitoring traps will collect almost no insects. Regular inspection of the monitoring traps is fundamental to determining whether additional treatment is necessary. At least 1000 fruits in the centre and at the edges of the orchard should be inspected per week in such a way that the area may be additionally treated should damage to fruit exceed the established limits.



(Z)-8-Dodecenyl acetate,
(E)-8-Dodecenyl acetate,
(E,E)-8,10-Dodecadien-1-ol (Codlemone), Dodecan-1-ol,Tetradecan-1-ol
(a.i. LOAD guaranteed 190 mg)


refrigerator (5°C) for 2 years in the original package.



Isomate C/OFM dispensers must be positioned in spring PRIOR to the flight of over wintering generation of the insects. The dispensers may be either simply hung over the branches of the fruit trees or lightly twisted around the branches without excessively tighten to avoid breaking the dispenser. Avoid direct sunlight as it may accelerate the pheromone release.

Application rate

1.000 dispensers per hectare, plus additional borders reinforcement

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