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Diffusore aerosol per la confusione sessuale per la Carpocapsa delle pomacee

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Manufacturer CBC (Europe) S.r.l.
Formulation Aerosol
Reg. number 16523

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Isomate CM Mist contains a behavior modifying biochemical (pheromone) that disrupts mating of the codling moth, Cydia pomonella. Use in apple, pear, walnut and other orchards where the codling moth is a pest. Isomate CM Mist is used with Pacific Biocontrol's emitter to release precise amount of pheromone.

For use on apple, pear and walnut orchards and other crops where the codling moth is a pest. In the spring, start applications prior to moth emergence and continue throughout the crop’s susceptible period. Use the emitter to automatically dispense the Isomate CM Mist. Insert Isomate CM Mist can into the emitter to activate the system. Isomate CM Mist is best used in large continguous areas (> 40 acres) for optimal results.

Isomate CM Mist suppresses mating of codling moth. Immigration of mated female moths of this species from adjacent external sources of infestation will reduce the level of control.


• Treatment of external sources of infestation with Isomate CM

• Treatment of external sources of infestation with an effective insecticide

• Treatment of pheromone treated orchard with insecticide. 

Areawide application is most effective. Supplementary applications of insecticide are advised when Isomate CM Mist is used in orchards with high pest populations. All pests must be monitored so that timely intervention with insecticides is possible. Consult your local pest control advisor for proper timing in your area.


209 g/kg
Solvente (2-propanolo) e propellente q.b. a.
1000 g/kg


Place Isomate CM Mist system in upper third of tree canopy and at least three (3) feet from fruits or nuts and facing toward the drive row. Distribute the units in a grid pattern to achieve one or two units per acre.

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