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Detergente disincrostante liquido

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Manufacturer AEB
Formulation Liquido
Reg. number Detergente alcalino

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40.98 €


Removil Liquid is a detergent with a descaling effect and high alkalinity. It is able to quickly and completely solubilize and remove all types of organic dirt, even if very substantial. Removil Liquid leaves the treated surfaces perfectly bright and without veining. Over 90% is biodegradable.

Removil Liquid
is presented as a colorless, slightly opalescent liquid, miscible in water in all proportions, without foaming, either cold or hot and the solutions can be recovered and reused. It has perfect chemical stability and rinsing, has a very high sequestering power and its use provides excellent results with water of any hardness.

Removil Liquid
is used in the cleaning of centrifuges and refrigeration systems and in the washing of all containers, on pumps and pipes, bottling lines and filters of flooding, with stainless steel elements and vacuum. Removil Liquid is indicated for the cleaning of the vinification lines, floors and walls very dirty of organic substance. In these cases it can be distributed by means of pressure pumps with solutions between 2 and 10%, depending on the situation in which it operates.
Used in a 5-10% solution, for recycling or diffusion, it is effective in the detartarization of containers and also of desulphurizers and concentrators.

Removil Liquid
does not attack in any way stainless steel, iron, copper, rubber, glass, cement, epoxy resin coatings, synthetic gaskets. For the continuous dosage of Removil Liquid, metering pumps or special valves supplied by AEB can be used.
Use in contact with surfaces treated with nitro paints, phenolic resins and light metals such as aluminum and tin is not recommended.


Aspetto fisico
liquido marrone chiaro
pH (soluzione all’1%)
13,0 ± 0,5
Densità relativa a 20°C
1,50 ± 0,05
Conduttività sol. 1% a 25°C
22 mS/cm

I dati chimico-fisici indicati rappresentano caratteristiche tipiche del prodotto derivanti dalle analisi a cui esso è sottoposto. Questi valori non costituiscono specifica.


Utilizzare Removil Liquid con concentrazioni variabili dallo 0,8% al 3,0% a seconda della tipologia e del grado di contaminazione presente. Sono consigliate temperature superiori ai 50°C. Risciacquo finale con acqua potabile fino alla completa eliminazione di ogni possibile residuo di detergente.

Campi di applicazione:

Detergenza alcalina di circuiti chiusi, serbatoi e tubazioni, impianti CIP a recupero ed a perdere, scambiatori di calore (pastorizzatori, scrematrici, evaporatori). Detergenza alcalina in tunnel di lavaggio e/o immersione per stampi, vassoi e contenitori vari. Detergenza di riempitrici.