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Checkmate OFM ( Cydia Molesta) - PUFFER

a genuine technological breakthrough in the fight against Cydia molesta

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Ammesso in bio
Manufacturer Suterra Europe Biocontrol
Formulation 12 bott. gr 307 aerosol
Reg. number 16548

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CHECKMATE® PUFFER® CM-O, which relies on the sexual confusion technique, represents a genuine technological breakthrough in the fight against coddling moths in apple, pear and walnut orchards. The PUFFER® technology consists of an aerosol containing the artificial sex pheromone of the female, a protective cabinet, a timer and a hanger. The aerosol which is operated automatically by a timer, and protected by the cabinet, releases the pheromone into the orchard at regular intervals. The pheromone is sprayed at night when the moths are in flight.
An average of two-three puffers/ha are positioned in the orchard. Each Puffer releases a 75 m wide (from the orifice) and 250 m long pheromone cloud. The combination of partially-overlapping pheromone clouds allows the grower to protect his entire plot of land.
This active emission system reduces application time (only 20 to 30 minutes/ha), releases a regular amount of pheromone throughout the diffusion period and improves safety by eliminating user contact.


Active substance/canister content:

(E,E)-8,10-Dodecadien-1-olo:55,41 mg


Average doses:
  • 2 puffer / ha 
  • 3 Puffer / ha 

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