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NP 4-20 fertilizer solution

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Manufacturer SKL
Formulation Liquido
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Base + Indicator is an NP fertilizer with a high content of Phosphorus with strong acidifying activity. For these characteristics, it is an ideal nitrogen and phosphorus source during the production phases of plants and as a pH conditioner if hard waters are used in foliar treatments. 

Base + Indicator has high wetting power, improves the miscibility of the emulsifiable products with those in wettable powder, prevents the formation of the foam, allows a more homogeneous coverage and greater persistence of the mixture, improves the action of the active ingredients used, determines  a lower surface tension and, therefore, help the penetration of the solution into plants; 

Base + Indicator washes the honeydew produced by some parasites. For these reasons, its use is ideal on surfaces covered by waxy secretions.


Total nitrogen (N)
Nitrogen (N)
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) soluble in water


Foliar applications
100 - 200 g/hl
Soil pH conditioner
g 100 - 150 per hl correct pH of about 2 points
g 200 - 250 per hl correct pH of about 4 points
As tackifying and adhesivant
100 - 150 g/hl

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