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EC Fertilizer - Ammonium Nitrate

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Nitrosol 34 is a granular solid fertilizer with a high content of Nitrogen, ideal for fertilization in coverage and for fertigation. In fact, it is characterized by a high level of solubility and purity.

Nitrosol 34 contains 34,2% of Nitrogen, half in a nitric form (NO3-), ready effect, and half in ammonia form (NH4+), with slow release. The high solubility and promptness of action, due to the content of assimilable Nitric Nitrogen, make it a very suitable fertilizer to stimulate the vegetative growth of crops.


  • balanced growth of shoots;
  • greater vegetative development of the plant;
  • greater mixture of fruits;
  • an intense dark green colour of leaves;
  • better fruit setting;
  • greater size of fruits.


Total nitrogen (N)34, 4%
Nitrogen (N) nitric17.2%
Ammoniacal (N) nitrogen17.2%


Radical (kg/ha)
Fertigations (kg/Ha)
Tree crops
200 - 600
100 - 300
Industrial crops400 - 800
200 - 400
Horticultural crops300 - 600
150 - 300
Flower crops200 - 500
100 - 250
Lawns and golf courses200 - 500
100 - 250

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