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Protective bathing

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BASE GOLD is a concentrated emulsion of natural origin that acts as an adjuvant in surface treatments. Obtained starting from a special emulsion of pine resins (pinolene and resinoline), BASE GOLD covers the surfaces of a thin and uniform natural waxy film, thanks to which it allows:

  • Distribute uniformly and retain the products applied at the same time, making them more effective;
  • Reduce losses due to run-off and degradation of the added molecules;
  • Adjust the perspiration of the surfaces, reducing evaporation;
  • Protect treated surfaces from damage caused by excess moisture, persistent rain, strong dews and other adverse weather conditions;
  • To act as a physical barrier against possible parasitic attacks of both fungi and insects.

Due to its peculiar characteristics BASE GOLD also has antiperspirant properties, so after its dilution in water and sprayed on the surfaces, BASE GOLD is able to form a reticle similar to a film able to regulate the transpiration, slowing the loss of water. BASE GOLD is an emulsion that easily disperses in water, forming a solution that can be applied on surfaces with any type of manual or mechanical sprayer.

WARNINGS: It is advisable to wash well, immediately after use, the equipment used for spraying with water and kerosene to avoid polymerization in the nozzles or small orifices that could clog.


90% pine oil - mixture of terpenes and alcohols 40%
Distilled fatty acids of talloil 30%
Emulsifiers 30%


  • come bagnante adesivo è indicata la dose di 75-150 cc per hl di acqua;
  • come antitraspirante è indicata la dose dell’ 1-3 %.

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