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Borex 17

Borex 17

Boric acid (biologic)

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Borex 17 is a crystalline formulation containing Boron in high concentration (17%), characterized by high solubility and assimilability.

Boron is a nutritive microelement essential in many bio-enzymatic processes and for the development of flowers, fruits and roots. 

Borex 17 favours flower fertilization, controls the absorption of nutrients and the transport of carbohydrates.

Borex 17 is applied with water at recommended dosage and can be used both by foliar or roots. Applications are necessary when plants show a slow vegetative development or a poor fruit set.

The use of Borex 17:

  • improves fruit set;
  • prevents and treat Hollow Heart disease on Sugar Beet;
  • prevents lesion on Celery;
  • prevents external and internal Suberosis in Apples;
  • prevents Pear Stony Pit;
  • increases fruit set on Olive Tree;
  • Meets global needs for Boron on Cabbage, Turnips, Asparagus, Sunflower, Alfalfa, Pome fruit, Stone fruit, tobacco, and Cotton.
Boron (B) soluble in water
Raw materials: Boric acid
CropsFoliar applications (g/hl)
Tree crops200 - 400
Industrial crops200 - 400
Horticultural crops200 - 400
Flower crops200 - 400
Lawns and golf courses200 - 400

WARNING: We suggest to apply foliar applications during the coolest hours of the day. Do not mix with alkaline reaction solution.

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