Allowed in Organic farming
Ferrosol 50 Foliar

Ferrosol 50 Foliar

Iron Chelate (DTPA)

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Iron deficiency causes the typical disease called Iron Chlorosis: leaves turn yellow between the veins, but the veins remain green. Yellowing is most common on new growth. The new growth may be stunted. In severe cases, leaves may die and drop prematurely.

Ferrosol 50 Foliar as fertilizer with Iron chelate with DTPA (diethylene triamine pentaacetic acid), solves the problem of Iron Chlorosis, because the high level of pH or limestone, limit the availability of this trace element in the soil.

DTPA, compared to EDTA, is much more stable even with sunlight, so Ferrosol 50 Foliar is ideal for foliar applications. Other problems for soil availability are poor soil aeration, soil salinity, low levels of Organic Matter and high content of phosphate.

Best results of Ferrosol 50 Foliar are obtained when applied before most important phenological phases (flowering, fruit development and ripening)

Iron (Fe) soluble in water
Iron (Fe) chelate with DTPA
Chelating agent: diethylene triamine pentaacetic acid (DTPA)
pH range that guarantees good stability of the chelated fraction: 4-9
Raw material: Iron Chelate (DTPA)
Allowed in Organic Agriculture
Foliar applications
On all crops
1 - 3 kg/ha

Ferrosol 50 Foliar is a liquid solution, mixable with other Plant Protection Products. It has to be used just by foliar applications on all crops.

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