Nitrato di Magnesio

Nitrato di Magnesio

Magnesium Nitrate

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Nitrato di Magnesio concime per Agricoltura titolo N 11% MgO 15% in formula microprilled

Magnesium Nitrate is a rapid effect fertilizer, with over 90% of Nitrogen present in Nitric form. 

The ability to be quickly absorbed by root systems of plants, the high content of Magnesium and the high water solubility makes it the ideal fertilizer for every situation that requires an immediate source of nutrients.

It is a classic "ready effect fertilizer" recommended for Stone fruit, Pome fruit, Grapevine, Tomato, Horticulture, industrial crops, etc.

It increases the cellular structure of fruits and leaves and improves production quality.

Total Nitrogen (N)
Nitric (N) nitrogen
Magnesium oxide (MgO) soluble in water
CropsFoliar (g/hl)Fertigation (kg/ha)
Tree crops300 - 50030 - 40
Industrial crops300 - 500
10 - 20
Horticultural crops300 - 500
2 - 3
Flower crops300 - 500
3 - 5
Lawns and golf courses300 - 500
3 - 5

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