Okyram 32 WP
Okyram 32 WP
Allowed in Organic farming
Okyram 32 WP

Okyram 32 WP

Mixture of microelements with Iron (Fe) (sulphate), Manganese (Mn) (sulphate) and Copper (Cu) (oxychloride)

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Okyram 32 WP is a fertilizer based on Copper oxychloride.

Copper deficiency in the soil decreases the quantity and quality of the harvest.

Rice and Wheat, most cultivated cereals in the world, are very sensitive to this deficiency, but it's also dangerous for Citrus, Oats, Spinach, etc. The most effective strategy is to give Copper salts to soil. 

Copper is involved in many enzymatic processes, and any other ion can replace it. It's essential in carbohydrates and Nitrogen metabolism, in the development of cell walls and in oxidative reactions.

Okyram 32 WP also influences the chemical composition and synthesis of Lignin, essential molecule for the mechanical resistance of shoots.

Iron (Fe) water soluble
Manganese (Mn) water soluble
Copper (Cu) total
Raw materials: Iron salt (sulphate heptahydrate), Manganese Salt (sulphate), Copper oxychloride
Foliar application
Pome Fruit
(Melo, Pero, Cotogno)
300-400 g/hl
Stone Fruit
400-500 g/hl
Citrus, Olive, Grapevine, Actinidia, Small Fruits
300-450 g/hl
Tomato, Potato, Sugar Beet, Tobacco, Strawberry, Artichoke, Asparagus, Horticultural and Flower crops
300-400 g/hl
Cereals, Legums, Sunflower, Rape, Soy, etc.
300-400 g/hl

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