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Okypol 20

Okypol 20

Mixture of Manganese (Mn) (sulphate) and Copper (Cu)

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10 Kg 20 Kg

Okypol 20 WP is a fertilizer based on Copper sulphate neutralized with lime with the addition of Boron. It's formulated as a wettable powder.

Copper and Manganese are involved in many enzymatic systems: they are involved in the metabolism of Carbohydrates and Nitrogen, in the transport of electrons, in the formation of the cell walls, in the synthesis of Lignin, etc

The high content of Cu (20%) and Mn (0,2%) makes Okypol 20 WP an ideal product to prevent Copper and Manganese deficicencies.

Okypol 20 WP has many more advantages compared to other commercially available copper formulations:

  • High copper content;
  • Perfect solubility in water;
  • Perfect size of particles;
  • High adhesiveness and persistence;
  • Great uniformity of distribution;
  • Great resistance to rain washing;
  • Low content of heavy metals;

Rain is the first enemy for copper-based formulations, Okypol 20 WP has an increased persistence capacity even if rain occurs after application. 

Manganese (Mn) soluble in water0,2%
Total Copper (Cu) 20%
Tree crops
(Grapevine, Apple, Pear, Peach, Cherry, Apricot, Plum tree)
8 - 15 kg/ha
in 500-700 lt of water
Olive tree8 - 12 kg/ha
in 500-700 lt of water
Strawberry and horticultural crops
(also Fennel)
7 - 10 kg/ha
in 500-700 lt of water
Open field crops
(Sugar beet, Wheat, Rice, Tobacco)
8 - 12 kg/ha
in 400-600 lt of water

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