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Sulfur for agricultural use - natural Sulfur and Zeolites 100% with a prevalence of Chabasite

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Zeta-lite is a special formulation composed of Mineral Sulfur and natural pure Zeolite.

  • Zeolite: sedimentary mineral of volcanic origin characterized by a crystaline structure and a high number of macropores, that confer a very high ability to absorb liquid substances.

  • Sulfur: has a synergist action with Zeolite, increasing the dehumidifying action on vegetation, creating an inhospitable environment for molds and bacteria. It also has a strong activity as resistance inductor, enhancing natural plants defence mechanisms.

Zeta-lite creates a natrual protective barrier and prevents the parasitic activity, reducing fungal hyphae ability of penetration, healing lesions very quickly, avoiding favorable conditions to fungal or bacterial development.

The equilibrate mixture of Zeolite and Sulfur is obtained by a mechanical processing with a triple grinding process.

Corrective - Sulfur for agricultural use
Enhancer of plants defence mechanisms
60% Sulfur and 40% natural Zeolites 100% with a prevalence of Chabasite
Grapevine25 kg/ha
Olive25 kg/ha
Fruit tree25 kg/ha
Horticulture and Hornamental crops25 kg/ha

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