Potassio Complex

Potassio Complex

Soluzione di sali misti potassici

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POTASSIO Complex performs multiple functions, whose results are recorded above all in the phase preceding the ripening of the fruits. POTASSIO Complex boasts the ability to stimulate the plant with regard to the production of coloring pigments, polyphenols and sugar complexes. Moreover, thanks to its complex formula with alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), POTASSIO Complex is completely absorbed by foliar application, acting in a short time. These numerous properties make it a unique product, with high efficacy and surprising results. In fact, it encourages the accumulation of sugary substances, improves color, gives greater preservability and improves the organoleptic qualities of the fruit. POTASSIUM Complex, in cells, participates in the transformation of nitrates into proteins, regulates and controls the opening of the stomata, maintains the vegetative turgor of the plants, giving them:

  • A better shine and a greater robustness of the vegetation;
  • Improve productions in such terms
  • quantities;
  • Greater consistency, preservability and shelf life of the fruit;
  • Greater resistance to climate and parasitic adversity;
  • An increase in the shelf life of the collected products;
  • Membrane permeability regulation;
  • Catalyzes synthesis of sugars and fats (reserve substances);
  • Adjusts the acid balance
  • base in the plant (neutralizes organic acids);
  • Increased cellular turgescence;
  • Fruit with a more intense color and richer in sugars;
  • Regulates the osmotic pressure in the whole of the cells;
  • Increases the size and uniformity of the fruit;
  • It intervenes in the activation of numerous enzymes.

All this manifests itself with:

  • a more balanced growth of plants with higher productions from the point of view of quality and quantity;
  • increased fruit resistance;
  • better conservation after harvesting and greater resistance to transport;
  • an increase in color, weight and organoleptic characteristics of the fruit.

The foliar applications and / or fertigation administrations should be carried out during the coolest hours of the day. Do not mix directly with alkaline and / or phosphate reaction formulas.

100 grams of product contain:
Paecilomyces lilacinus (strain 251)
g 6, 00 *
Coformulants to taste
g 100
* Contains not less than 1 x 1010 spores / g.
COLTURAFogliare Kg/HaRadicale Kg/Ha
Colture arboree2 - 425 - 50
Colture industriali2 - 425 - 50
Colture ortive2 - 425 - 50
Colture floricole2 - 425 - 50
Tappeti erbosi e campi da golf2 - 425 - 50



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