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IBC 1000 Lt

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It is the additive for heavy vehicles that guarantees the triple objective of improving engine efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and significantly reducing emissions in exhaust gases produced by vehicles equipped with diesel engines. It is an additive that allows new generation trucks to comply with the emission limits set by the strict European Union regulations. AdBlue® is an aqueous urea solution compatible with the innovative Scr (selective catalytic reduction) technology adopted by the leading European truck manufacturers, which guarantees the triple objective of improving engine efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and significantly reducing gas emissions exhaust. The presence of AdBlue® on our service stations, further demonstrates the great commitment to continuous improvement of the quality of services and products offered, to meet the needs of all engines and all vehicles, always respecting environmental issues The Euro 4/5/6 standards make it necessary to use SCR technology on new generation vehicles to drastically reduce nitrogen oxides harmful to the environment and particles emitted by diesel engines.

Advantages for users:

  • Environmental protection: with the use of AdBlue® Brenntag it complies with the Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6 emission standards protecting the environment.
  • Fuel savings: the use of SCR technology allows optimization of engine performance. This results in a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 6%

Product quality : AdBlue® Brenntag complies with DIN 70070 and ISO 22241 standards. The product complies with the quality standards set by the VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie). The quality of the product is monitored during all stages of production, storage and transport.

Reliable supply : Brenntag guarantees product availability and timely deliveries. Brenntag deposits are distributed throughout the country in a capillary manner. Thanks to our logistics and the fleet of 5 steel tank trucks equipped with liters, dedicated to transporting AdBlue®, we are able to reach our customers in all regions of Italy on time.

A complete service : AdBlue® Brenntag is available in different types of packaging. We offer our customers technical support and all kinds of solutions for the storage and delivery of AdBlue®.

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Urea, carbammide in acqua ultra pura
incolore, limpido, privo di corpi in sospensione
Contenuto di urea
31.8 ÷ 33.2 % p/p
Densità a 20°C
1087,0 ÷ 1093,0 kg/m3
Indice di rifrazione a 20°C
1.3814 ÷ 1.3843

Qualità del prodotto: AdBlue® Brenntag è conforme alle normative DIN 70070 e ISO 22241. Il prodotto rispetta gli standard qualitativi imposti dalla VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie) La qualità del prodotto è monitorata durante tutte le fasi della produzione, dello stoccaggio e del trasporto.

Fornitura affidabile: Brenntag garantisce la disponibilità del prodotto e consegne puntuali. I depositi Brenntag sono distribuiti sul territorio nazionale in modo capillare. Grazie alla nostra logistica e alla flotta di 5 autobotti in acciaio dotate di conta litri, dedicate al trasporto dell’AdBlue®, siamo in grado di raggiungere puntualmente la nostra clientela in tutte le regioni d’Italia.

Un servizio completo: AdBlue® Brenntag è disponibile in diverse tipologie di imballi. Offriamo ai nostri clienti il supporto tecnico e ogni tipo di soluzione per lo stoccaggio e l’erogazione dell’AdBlue®.

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