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Solfato di potassio

Solfato di potassio

Potassium sulphate

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Functions of Potassium sulphate BTC (low chlorine content) are various, but they are essentials before the ripening of fruits. Potassium sulphate enhances the content of carbohydrates, improves colour, shelf-life and the organoleptic qualities of fruits.

Potassium sulphate BTC can be used, at recommended dosage, by foliar applications or fertigations. 


  • Better development of the vegetation;
  • Improves the harvest;
  • Better texture and shelf life of fruit;
  • Greater resistance to biotic and abiotic adversity;
  • Membranes permeability regulation;
  • It Increases cellular turgescence;
  • Fruit with intense colour, richer in carbohydrates;
  • It Increases fruit size.
Potassium oxide (K2O) soluble in water
50 %
Sulfuric anhydride (SO3) soluble in water
42 %
Tree crops
30 - 40 kg/ha
during the whole cycle
3 - 4 treatments
Horticultural crops
2- 3 Kg/Ha
during the whole cycle
5 - 6 treatments
Flower and Hornamental crops
3-5 Kg/Ha
during the whole cycle
3 - 4 treatments

We suggest to fertigate during the coolest hours
Do not mix it with alkaline reaction products.

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