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Borlanda fluida Fert Plant

Borlanda fluida Fert Plant

Borlanda fluida biologica particolarmente indicata per la coltivazione di pomodori e le maggiori colture

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Borlanda fluida Fert Plant

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FERT PLANT , totally of plant origin, is able to bring the right amount of organic substance to the soil, returning as much as the plant has subtracted for its own growth needs.

It is a natural fertilizer that promotes plant growth by increasing the new life cycle, preserving the ecosystem and the environment.
In addition to being environmentally friendly, the product is also of considerable economic interest for agricultural operators as it reduces fertilization costs by increasing the quantity and quality of production.

Numerous and qualified field tests have shown that the sugar content of beet and grapes increases by 5-10% and that the pulp of peaches and apricots becomes more consistent and the skin is brighter.

These results are obtained because the product is above all organic substance, since its nitrogen is aminoacid, because the trace elements are present in optimal quantities and because the high content of potassium is totally and easily available.

The validity and effectiveness of the product has also been ascertained by the authoritative and very strict German association charged with examining biodynamic and industrial chemical products destined for the food chain, which has recognized it and approves its use to promote and increase the biological transformation of the 'agriculture.

Total nitrogen (N)
2, 5%
Soluble organic nitrogen (N)
2, 5%
Potassium oxide (K 2 O) soluble in water
Organic carbon (C) of biological origin

Le dosi consigliate sono indicative e devono essere aumentate o diminuite in relazione alle caratteristiche della zona e alle esigenze di ogni coltura.

Colture arboree
200 - 500 kg/ha
Colture industriali
200 - 500 kg/ha
Colture ortive
200 - 500 kg/ha
Colture floricole
200 - 500 kg/ha
Tappeti erbosi e campi da golf
200 - 500 kg/ha

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